Alanya Dim Cayi

There are many facilities around the Dim River. Picnic areas, restaurants and cafes are some of them. There are platforms built on the river to cool off on hot summer days. Restaurants offer many delicious meals and drinks. You can even fish in some of them to catch and serve your own food. Moreover, there are various excursion activities. Rafting is especially popular with tourists. Dim Cave is on the way to Dim River. It is also another beauty of nature that you must see. You can take hiking trips to get there. When you reach the top of the cave, you can enjoy the bird’s view of the Dim River Valley. You can find some practical information about the Dim River here.
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Dim Valley and its surrounding facilities are generally crowded on Saturdays and Sundays. Locals prefer to visit the picnic areas on Sundays. If you like a crowded, lively environment, weekends are best for you. If you need a more peaceful and tranquil environment, you should choose a weekday for your trip to the Dim River.

You can drive to Dim River. However, there are also public transport options if you don’t prefer it or don’t have a vehicle. You can take a taxi from Alanya center. This fee is approximately 50 YTL for the Dim River. There are also buses that go to the river from the center of Alanya. On the way to the bus, you can choose one of the facilities and jump anywhere you want. Another option is to take the bus from Alanya center to Tosmur. After arriving at the center of Tosmur, you can take a bus to Nehir.

As the Dim River region is a high place, it snows in winter. In the spring, the snow begins to melt into the river. Therefore, the water is cold in the river both in winter and in summer. You can cool off in the river even on the hottest days of summer.

There are many beautiful places to visit in the Valley. They are usually open in summer and winter. The main dish served in restaurants is trout. Chicken and meat dishes are also served, but there are also restaurants that allow you to buy your own meals. These restaurants are mostly located around fish ponds where you can eat with your feet in the water.

There are various excursion activities around the river. You can rent a jeep or motorcycle and take a trip to the Taurus mountains. There are facilities that offer daily trips in Dim villages. In addition, safaris are organized in groups.

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