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Alanya Castle is one of the most important cultural heritage in Alanya, and offers the perfect view. The road through the castle, takes you to another dimension of the story. Alanya Castle is located on a 10-hectare peninsula, and are surrounded by a 6 km long wall. It’s like experiencing a masterpiece, with traces of Roman civilization.

The cable car gives you a magnificent view of Alanya. The 900 meter long line lead you to Alanya Castle, where you can also find restaurants, so you can enjoy a good lunch, with a first class view.
Opening hours: 9:30–19:00.

Dim Çayı offers various picnic areas, restaurants and tea gardens. For those who don’t know Dim Çay; it is a river surrounded by the most beautiful nature, not far from Alanya. Here you can relax on platforms, there is built on the water, have a good dinner and drinks, while enjoying the breathtaking nature, or take a dip in the refreshing river water.

Alanyum is a shopping center where you can shop various well-known brands, visit cafés, eat food, or spend time with your children in the entertainment areas.

The Red Tower is an octagonal historic building, belonging to the Seljuk period from the 13th century, located in the port of Alanya. The tower has a historic atmosphere that will take you back in time.

Damlataş Cave is a world-famous stalactite cave, which welcomes hundreds of tourists every day. The cave is also known for its clean air, which is good for asthma patients.